Frequently Asked Questions of

1. What is is the largest online Osteopathic centric test preparation site for Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) -Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) students, residents and DOs who wish to pass their high value examinations. We are offering three professional Osteopathic Board Certification Examination subscriptions for ABONMM, ABOFP and review for COMLEX Levels 1&2. is a systematic, comprehensive, professional review of Osteopathic Philosophy, Principles, History, Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Structural Diagnosis and various Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques. You will find hundreds of case study questions in each module.

2. Why should I subscribe to
There are many reasons to subscribe to, they include:

  1. To pass your Osteopathic Certifying Board Examination by being super prepared
  2. To identify knowledge gaps
  3. To develop computer based test-taking skills
  4. To refine/supplement your knowledge base
  5. To build confidence
  6. It’s fun and interactive – you can do it anywhere, 24/7


3. What is the difference between the three different Certifying Board subscriptions?
The General OMT subscription level contains our Osteopathic Philosophy and Principles (OPP) + OMT sections that contain hundreds of Osteopathy centric questions relating to Philosophy, Principles, History, Structural Diagnosis, and many manipulative techniques. All modules have sections of basic question for such items as kinesiology, neurology, and anatomy.

The ABONMM Subscription covers nearly every aspect of the written exam. You have over 250 case histories with 700+ questions covering every area of Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine that a specialist would need to know from Allergy to Urological conditions. This also includes access to the General OMT question bank.

The ABOFP Subscription covers nearly every OMM-OMT aspect of the written exam. You have over 150 case histories with 450+ questions covering most every area of Osteopathic Family Medicine that a FP would need to know from Dermatological to Urological conditions.

4. Why doesn’t have shorter subscriptions?
Our experience has shown that if you are serious about taking a high value test, to adequately prepare yourself, you need to have a minimum of three months. For those on a budget, a subscriber can also choose a 1-month subscription, but your value is for the 1 year subscription.

5. Why is so costly?
Professional licensing organizations have estimated that a single question on a board certification exam maybe easily valued between $1000-$3000. Considering that board examinations have hundreds, if not thousands of test questions, a board with a test bank of 1,000 questions can be easily valued at 1 million dollars. When compared to the high value cost that you pay for your Osteopathic Boards, is quite a good value.

6. Where do the questions come from?
The questions are based on the recommended text books that the Osteopathic profession has used and are generally relied upon at Osteopathic Colleges, as well as recommended textbooks of Osteopathic certifying boards and current research in peer reviewed journals.. To learn more please view our Integrity Policy and our Item Writing guidelines.

7. Can you stop and start my subscription?
No, we no longer allow one stop-restart per subscription. It is very important that you develop a daily habit of learning. We’ve developed our content to be studied daily in a systematic, comprehensive approach. That is what is all about. Your Subscription becomes active when your payment is processed and you receive your welcome email. This is typically within minutes but can take up to 3 business days. The subscription cannot be purchased on one day and deferred to start at a later date.

8. When the boards change, does change?
Yes. We continue to upgrade our questions and change our references based on Osteopathic certifying boards and California State Board recommendations. is designed as a systematic, comprehensive learning tool so that you will master the knowledge and information to become the best Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon possible. Whether you are taking a test or not, this information will be helpful to you in patient care and is critical for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of your patient.

9. Can I share my subscription?
No. Your subscription is only for you. You can use 24/7 on any computer. You are not allowed to share your subscription. We have security measures in place to monitor simultaneous use and other nefarious acts. Violators will have their subscription stopped, without a refund and will be barred from future use of the site.

10. What are the computer requirements for the tests?

Windows users: You will need Windows XP or Windows 10 and the Edge, Firefox, or Chrome browser.

Mac users: You will need OS X and the Safari, Firefox or Chrome browser. will also work on smart tablets and smart phones.