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Designed for 1st and 2nd year Osteopathic Medical Students, these questions are specifically tailored to help you solidify your understanding of Osteopathic definitions, diagnoses, and treatments. This can be used throughout your preclinical training to help you ace your regular OPP exams, or as an adjunct to other question banks as you get ready to take the COMLEX.

Create custom exams that cover only the content you need to prepare for your next test, or pull from all available questions to determine areas of improvement. Including questions on the history of Osteopathy, core concepts, diagnosis, treatment, and more, our question bank has been curated and maintained by current and past OPP Professors. Our goal is not just to assess, but also help you understand, retain, and apply Osteopathic concepts in your approach to clinical problem solving.

      Offering a 1 month subscription for those who need a quick review, 1 year for those preparing for their boards, or 2 years to act as a supplement to your OPP course, we have the right fit for your needs. 


1 Month – $129

Our most budget friendly option, providing you with full access to all of our questions to get you ready for your exam.


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1 Year – $299

One of our most popular options, designed for those taking their boards within a year, allowing for plenty of time to identify strengths, weaknesses, and review high-yield concepts for your COMLEX.

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2 Year – $399

Our greatest value, allowing full access for every stage of your first and second year medical school training. Take practice tests for every major osteopathic concept, so close to the exams that you’ll be taking in class it may feel like cheating!

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